About Us

The story of our family owned and operated quilt shop, Handcart Quilts, began when I married my husband, Casey, not long after meeting in the car sales industry. While Casey remained in the car business, I went on to work at AccuQuilt, where I was required to learn a new skill...quilting!

Casey bought me my first sewing machine as a Valentine's Day gift in 2013, and with the help of the AccuQuilt GO!, I completed 20 quilts within a year. In September of 2013, I left AccuQuilt, having developed amazing friendships with many quilt store owners across the United States and Canada.

Armed with the support of friends, family and my husband (along with a lot of faith and prayers), I embarked on a new journey...to open my own quilt shop! In six short weeks, I went from initial business plan, to grand opening of our new store on Washington St. in Clarinda, IA. Casey even quit his job to join me in the fulfillment of my dream.

We're passionate about the quilting industry and the talented, friendly people we meet everyday. Our goal here at Handcart Quilts is to provide our customers with the finest quilting products and services available, along with using our shop as a means of giving back to the community.  We are the proud home of The Samuel Quilt Project, providing quilts for people in need most (recently the Oklahoma tornado victims).

We want to make Handcart Quilts the best quilt shop it can be. We invite you to help us by leaving any feedback you'd like to contribute on our contact page, or give us a call 712-542-1290.

Looking forward to your next vist...

Ayn and Casey